We help you discover new ways to earn on web3. Find, learn and start earning.

Explore and save dapps that pay you for things you’re already doing – like gaming, web browsing, exercising, social networking and more. The best dapps and the latest earning trends on web3, all in one place.

Our mission is to help people everywhere earn web3 income streams.

We know that new earning opportunities can motivate people to migrate from web2 to new web3 alternatives.


So by raising awareness of these opportunities we believe we can grow the widespread adoption of people using web3.

What is web3?

When you upload a video, level up in a game, search for something online or track your exercise, you’re creating value.


Web3 is a new era of the Internet that puts that value back in the hands of the people who create it – including you!

Enabled by blockchain, web3 dapps reward people with cryptocurrency or NFTs for their value-creating activities online and in the real world. They also distribute ownership and governance to users, allowing them to drive project direction and development.

Web 1.0 Read only

Web 2.0 Read-write

Web 3.0 Read-write-own

Him Gajria, May 2020

We believe that web3 will transform how billions of people engage online by giving anyone more ownership and allowing users to enjoy a greater share of the value they create.

More About Web3

What is a dapp?

A “dapp” is a “decentralised application” that you may use on your mobile device, tablet or your laptop. Dapps distribute ownership, governance and rewards amongst the people who use, develop and create value on them.

So, how will you earn?

Are metaverse and play-to-earn games your thing? Or are move-to-earn exercise and online browsing more for you? Explore dapps, create your favourites list and start earning!

Play-to-earn Gaming
Earn crypto and NFTs while playing your favourite online games and building and interacting in virtual worlds.
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Explore and participate in metaverse economies and events or earn from owning assets like digital land and functional NFTs.
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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the focus of much innovation and provide ways to earn across all web3 project categories.
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Social & Creator
Earn for sharing your words, images, ideas, videos, music or for participating on web3 social media platforms.
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Data Ownership
Web3 gives you ownership of your data. Get paid for web browsing, ad viewing or sharing your online and real world data.
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Activities and Tasks
Get paid to exercise with move-to-earn, complete surveys and micro-tasks online, get crypto rewards for shopping and more.
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Resource Sharing
Get paid for sharing processing power, hard drive space, electricity, WiFi connection, IoT device data and more.
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Explore all projects!
Explore all dapps and create your own favourites list.
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